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Thời Gian Mở Của Và Giá Vé
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Thời gian mở cửa phục vụ khách tham quan: Tất cả các ngày trong tuần.


          - Sáng: Từ 7 h 30 đến 11 h 30.


          - Chiều: Từ 13 h 30 đến 17 h 30.


* Địa chỉ liên hệ: Bảo tàng tỉnh Sơn La, đường Khau Cả, thành phố Sơn La.


- Điện thoại: 022.3850221; 022.3852716.





Pursuant to Resolution 16/2016/NQ-HĐND dated 14/12/2016 of the Sơn La Provincial People’s Council deciding level of fee collection, exemption, reduction, remittance, management and use of charges and fees falling under the deciding competence of the provincial People's Council, Son La Provincial Museum publicly declares the fees for visiting and keeping vehicles at the museum and special national monument of Son La Prison as follows:

            I. Vising fees

            1. Object exemptions, reductions

            a. Object exemptions:

            - Childen under the age of 10

            - The poor

            - People with severe disabilities (according to term 1, article 11, Governmental Decree number 28/2012/NĐ-CP dated 10/4/2012).

            b. Reduced by 50% (according to circular 02/2014/TT-BTC dated 02/01/2014 of the ministry of finance)

            Applied to those who benefit from cultural preferential policies (according to article 2, Decision 170/2003/QĐ-TTg dated 14/8/2003 of the prime minister).

            b1.  Local people in mountainous, remote and disadvantaged communes preferred in Program 135 of the government.

            b2. Those who are:

            - Senior revolutionary cadre, cadres "pre-uprising

            - Relatives of martyrs

            - Heroes of Armed Forces, Hero of Labor, Heroic Vietnamese Mothers

- War invalids and beneficiaries of policies such as war invalids and sick soldiers.

- Those who are provided care at nursing facilities, nursing homes and facilities intended for war invalids and sick soldiers


b3. Those who benefit from social welfare policies:

            - Disable people and lonely elderly.

            - Those, who are cared for at social protection facilities

            - Pupil who are at ethnic schools

            b4. Elderly according to article 2, Early Law (Vietnamese citizen over 60 years of age)

            2. Charge rates:

            1. Adults: 30.000 đồng/per time/people

            2. Children (from 10 to under 18 years old): 5.000 đồng/ per time/people

            II. Fees for keeping bicycles, motorbikes and cars (according to bullet a5, term 2, article 3 circular 02/2014/TT-BTC dated 02/01/2014 of the ministry of finance)

            Fees for keeping bicycles, motorbikes and cars at parking areas that are invested by state, is seen as state revenue collection:

            - Bicycles, electric bicycles: 2.000 đồng/time

            - Motorbikes: 4.000 đồng/time

            - Truck of over 5 tons and bus of over 25 seats: 20.000 đồng/time

            - Truck of less than 5 tons and bus of fewer than 25 seats, tourist cars and other cars: 10.000 đồng/time



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